DSCF0370We’re glad that you stopped by!

The KSCWS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting, educating, and stimulating interest in, and discussion of, all aspects of the American Civil War. We do this through such things as presentations to students at elementary, middle and high school, online continuing education programs aimed at enhancing college-level education specifically on the Civil War, and in promoting patriotism, honor and respect for our country, soldiers, and flag.

The KSCWS is in the founding stages of growth. We will be continually updating the website with information about classes, events, meetings, and how the entire organization will be structured. We appreciate any and all feedback and ideas.

There will initially be a few meetings that will involve the society, it’s structure and laying the foundation. Once that has been accomplished we will begin to put programs together, begin public marketing, and initiate the online classes.

Again, we’re glad you stopped by and will be providing more details as we start piecing the KSCWS together. We hope you will be a part of our growth!