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The KSCWS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting, educating, and stimulating interest in, and discussion of, all aspects of the American Civil War. We do this through monthly meetings, presentations to students at elementary, middle and high school, continuing education programs to aid college-level education specifically on the Civil War, and to promote patriotism, honor and respect.

One of the differences with the KSCWS and other Civil War groups is that as opposed to hiring outside speakers on a regular basis and covering areas of history that are not always specific to the Civil War, we will promote individual discussions by members who have gained knowledge over the years through their own research and will allow that information to be the foundation of the discussions that the group has. We will on occasion ask members if they would like to give a brief presentation over a subject they have some expertise in and again will use that presentation as the foundation for the ensuing discussion. This is not to say we will never have outside speakers, but the goal is to allow all members the chance to actively participate in meetings and share the knowledge that they have gained over the years.

The KSCWS is in the founding stages of growth. We will be continually updating the website with information about meetings, membership, events and how the entire organization will be structured. We appreciate any and all feedback and ideas. Initially, the first few meetings will involve the society, it’s structure and laying the foundation. Once that has been accomplished we will begin to have our “round table” type discussions.

Again, we’re glad you stopped by and will be providing more details as we start piecing the KSCWS together. We hope you will be a part of our growth!